Resting For Fat Loss?

April 30, 2011

Do you have friends that seem to have a great figure ALL the time? You are around them all the time and know they only workout 3-4 days per week but have more muscle and less fat than everyone else. There are explanations and solutions for this so don’t get discouraged that it will never happen to you, because we can change it one pound at a time.

First of all, there is a genetic thing that can play a role. That’s right your genetic content plays a role and can determine your body style. What is a body style? Your body style refers to whether or not you are typically skinny (ectomorph), big (endomorph), or in shape (mesomorph). These three styles reflect your typical body shape and your ability to lose or gain muscle.
An ectomorph is a person who is skinny no matter what. It is very difficult for them to gain significant muscle mass and they are always thin and skinny. The endomorph is your typical “big boned” person. They are big and always have been. They are typically blocky looking and cannot lose weight. They have a lot of muscle underneath their fat, but cannot get rid of the fat to show the muscle. Finally the mesomorph is a person who is always in shape. This is the person that no matter what they do they can look in shape or get in shape quickly. This is the friend that seems to always look the most in shape when you go to the beach, etc… The friend that you love to hate, secretly. Once you know your body style, then you have a better idea where to focus most of your efforts for your weight loss goals. The ectomorph needs lots of calories and weight training to bulk up. The endomorph needs lots of high intensity training to burn fat. The high intensity training can be cardio, weights or a combination of both. The mesomorph can do a combination of anything as they will always get in shape quickly no matter what.

So what does that have to do with resting for fat burning? No matter what your exercise regimen or your body style, your body needs to repair itself. It does this in an autopilot way that can burn fat in the process. However, you have to nudge it a little for it to work at it’s peak. How do you nudge it? First of all, do your exercise to breakdown muscle/train the muscle. Then, feed the muscles the right breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats at the right time and your body will burn calories to digest the food and then burn calories repairing the muscles you trained. It does this all while you are resting. Pretty nice, huh.

So keep checking out the blog because all the information you need to achieve your healthy weight loss is right here! Don’t forget to check out the Metabolic Cooking Page and the other posts on the blog to help with your efforts.

For what it’s worth,
Dr. B

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  1. Cassie on August 3, 2011 at 3:46 am

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so striahgtfowrard.

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