Cheat Meals For Weight Loss?

August 18, 2011

Cheat MealWhat a great way to lose weight.  Eat what you want and you can lose weight?  It is true and can be done if you do it the right way.  For example, you cannot eat cheat meals every day and expect to lose weight.  However, you can find a day where all you do is cheat meals to get the desire of bad food out of your system.  Then after the cheat day with all of the cheat meals you stick back to your diet and exercise regimen for 7 days and then get it out of your system again with another cheat day.  Sounds kind of neat and the truth is that it works.  It is a way of tricking your body from conserving calories for later use and using them now because your body believes that you have more calories than needed.  It works really well as long as you get your exercise in on the days you are not consuming cheat meals.  Furthermore, you can take it a step further and give yourself 3 meals per week that are cheat meals.  That way you are dieting and exercising throughout the week and are only eating 3 cheat meals per week instead of eating cheat meals all day long.  Great idea to help with weight loss and here is how it works.

The idea with the cheat day is to tell your body that you are not starving and are in a feasting mode.  Therefore, your body will increase metabolism to increase melting your fat. Your metabolism can be adjusted for a short period of time but remember to exercise so you do not consume so many calories that it throws off your calorie balance for the week and ultimately gain weight.  However, it does provide you a psychological benefit by giving you the feeling that you are not dieting.  Furthermore it will make you feel good on the cheat day but then you will quickly feel bloated, full and will be ready to get back on the diet and exercise routine because you are feeling bad.  Most people will be excited to go back to eating right and exercising.
Cheat meals have a different theory for weight loss.  You will eat a cheat meal and immediately feel good from your desire of the food but also may feel ill from overeating.  Further, it provides a better social element than the cheat day, because you can save your cheat meal for days that you have a social outing with friends.  During that one meal you don’t consume enough calories to jeopardize your weeklong weight loss efforts and you still are tricking your metabolism because your body never knows what day you are going to consume the extra calories.
Both cheat meals and cheat days can alter your metabolism. Pick the one that fits your lifestyle and personality and you will soon be on your way to not feeling like dieting and gaining the benefit from increasing your metabolism.

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5 Responses to Cheat Meals For Weight Loss?

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  2. Michelin Man on September 8, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Studies show now that weight-watchers works better than dieting alone. People lose more weight on weight watchers than they do dieting alone. There’s no big deal to this, it’s simple peer pressure that spurs people not to over-eat. It’s interesting though that people will respond far better to potential criticism from their fellows than they will to health concerns. Shows our priorities, and not in a good light either LOL!

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