How To Get Bigger Forearms

August 25, 2011

ForearmDo you struggle with small forearms?  Could you lift more weights if your forearms were bigger?  There are many people who have the same problem and would like to do something about it.  There are many ways to get bigger forearms but you have to be willing to do the work.  It will make your arms sore, but if you are struggling with small forearms and want them bigger then read on.

First of all, let’s try and understand why you have small forearms.  Of course there is a genetic component as if you are of small stature and size then of course your forearms will be small.  If you are doing heavy labor work and a lot of weightlifting then you may not even need to read this because your forearms are probably the perfect size.  However, if you do not readily exercise your forearms then in order to get them bigger you need to do more exercises.  If you do the right exercises and eat the right food then you will get bigger forearms.

First of all make sure you do a proper cardiovascular warmup of 10-15 minutes to get the heart pumping and the blood moving.  Then do whatever your regular workout would be and finish with the forearm workout.  The last thing you want to do is exercise the forearms first because that may lead to fatigue of the arms and limit your ability to do perform heavier weightlifting.  Once the regular workout is done then focus on the forearms.  For a good workout you can check out a previous article “The Best Workout Routine”.

Now that you are ready to work on getting bigger forearms you need to stretch your wrist in all four planes (forward, backward and side to side).  Hold each stretch for about 10-15 seconds and move from the right arm to the left arm.  Once you have stretched at the wrist, then you need to stretch at the elbow.  That would be with flexion, extension and rotation.  Hold the stretch until you feel the burn and then keep it stretched for about 15 seconds.  Once the stretching is done you are ready to move on to the exercises to get bigger forearms.

For the exercises, I recommend starting at the elbow and then work down to the wrist.  I am a firm believer in starting with 1-2 sets of your favorite bicep and triceps’ routine, as that will work the muscles above the forearm.  Once you get a good pump with the biceps and triceps then you can focus on the forearms.

First, look at supination and pronation.  Pick a lightweight that will enable you to perform the exercise without struggling too much.  Hold a dumbbell in each hand and let your arms rest at your side with your elbows close to your side and your elbows bent at 90 degrees to allow your hands with the dumbbells in front of you.  Now rotate each arm clockwise as far as you can go while your elbow stays close to your side.  Then, rotate your arm at the elbow counter clockwise as far as they can go.  This would be one rep and then repeat the sequence between 10-12 reps total and then rest.  Perform at least 3 sets with this exercise to get bigger forearms.

Now you should work on wrist flexion and extension.  Continue with the lightweight and get into a seated position and rest your elbows on your knees.  You can also use a bench and rest your elbows on a weight bench.  Hold the weight with the palms facing the ceiling and then curl the weight up at the wrists to the ceiling.  After you do a set of 10-12 then turn your hands where the palms are facing downward and extend the wrists to the ceiling for a set of 10-12.  Perform approximately 3 sets with flexion and extension.

I would not recommend doing more set than what was mentioned as that may over train your forearms and lead to too much soreness and ultimately limit your activities throughout the week.  It is fine to get bigger forearms but remember to not injure yourself.  As you build up endurance you can increase the weights or increase the number of sets you are performing.

Try your best to try this workout and you will find yourself with bigger forearms rather quickly.

To Your Healthy Weight Loss ASAP,

Dr. B

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