Metabolic Cooking

August 14, 2011

Metabolic Cooking

The Metabolic Cooking Program will help give you a complete idea of ​​what kind of food to eat and help with planning a meal.  it reveals tips on how to make meal planning and diet changes that increase your metabolism. It consists of learning how to cook food packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins that accelerate fat loss. You can learn a lot of things from this program including the ability to find the best recipes to accelerate your metabolic pathway to lose fat. You will be able to learn what foods to eat and in what quantities. You will also learn how to cook the foods in the healthiest way possible.

David Ruel and Karine Losier are those who wrote metabolic cooking program.  They are also known as the metabolic cook and lean kitchen cook. Their two varied styles combine to make an excellent guide to help you learn the information needed to change your diet forever. It is the combination of their interests that   make this program so great.

Dave Ruel was once a bodybuilder who became a celebrity and wrote a guide on how to burn fat. He has already built a reputation that has helped many people with guidance on fat loss and nutrition.

Karine is a lifetime partner with Dave Ruel and is a psychology graduate.  She has the knowledge to help with the psychology of dieting and cooking to help everyone stick to their regimen.  Together, their combination is perfect to help people with losing weight and counseling for people who want a healthy body.

The program consists of two different subjects:

The first subject has to with optimizing fat loss.  This focuses on the guidelines for nutritional health to help with the discipline to eating healthy.  This includes eating routines and the types of food you eat throughout the day. You will soon be able to identify the importance of the discipline needed to make the healthy changes you need.

The second subject has to do with the food available for you to pick when planning your menu.  All the foods that you need are easy to obtain and contains all the ingredients necessary for the activation process of rapid weight loss from your body.

The following are the divisions within the program:

Side dishes / Finger Food


Fish / Seafood



Snacks / light meals

Chicken / Poultry


Smoothies / Juice

Losing fat is a difficult process, especially if you have a lot of cravings that you desire but shouldn’t. In this program there is a huge selection of food which will satisfy your desires and provide you with a healthy alternative.

It’s also important to know how these recipes are compiled and that they are easy to cook, even for a complete novice in the kitchen.

The last secret embedded in this guide is that the recipes are prepared with ingredients that will increase metabolism and accelerate fat loss. Some of the ingredients that stimulate your metabolism are: cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper are often one of the ingredients that stimulate your metabolism to go into effect immediately.  You will learn the importance of substituting natural sugar alternatives for sugar, like Stevia.

The recipes are easy to make, minimal preparation and each recipe has a nutritional status which allows you to follow your nutritional content and calories.

The program has a Nutri-System Profile that allows one to see the recipes and their metabolic effect. There are four letters that are used for these classifications: P as in the protein, C of carbohydrates, F for fat and V as in vegetables. You will also receive instructions on how much you intake at every meal, every day.

So from the moment you’ve chosen a recipe you will realize the nutritional value of foods you eat.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Metabolic Cooking program for yourself and see if it will work for you.

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