The Best Fat Loss Tip That Works!

September 26, 2011

Fat Loss Tip That WorksYou are here because you need to lose weight.  You must be tired of having the excess fat around your waist.  You are looking for the The Best Fat Loss Tip That Works.  Yes, one that works.  You have tried many different fad diets and weight watchers and everything else.  Now you are finally educating yourself on how to achieve long lasting fat loss.  There are many different “tips” for fat loss but which one do you start with.  Stop being confused and start your fat loss on the right foot.

There are a variety of theories and programs ranging from starvation to eating nothing but protein and fat.  The fad diets seem to work for a few people but for the vast majority of people it doesn’t lead to fat loss.  So where does that leave you and your dilemma?

Educate yourself and understand when and what you should eat.  By using this Fat Loss Tip That Works you will achieve long lasting healthy weight loss.

It has nothing to do with avoiding all carbohydrates or avoiding certain types of food altogether.  It has more to do with understanding how many calories you need for body type, activity level and desired weight.  By sticking to the numbers and understanding the timing of the meals you will achieve fat loss rather quickly.  Furthermore, when you couple exercise with a proper diet then your fat loss efforts will work even faster.

Focus on having a negative calorie intake per day and fat loss will happen quickly.

For example, if you calculate that you need 2000 calories per day to stay at your current weight (given your body type and activity level) but you only eat 1800 calories per day you will have a 200 calorie deficit per day.  Once this calorie deficit adds up to 3500 calories you will lose a pound.  If you consume 1800 calories per day and also burn 200 calories per day with exercise, then you will lose 400 calories total per day and achieve your fat loss twice as fast.

The keys to this tip working is understanding how many calories you should consume, types of food to eat and what exercise program should you use.fat loss tip that works

  • A great calculator for finding out the number of calories you need to consume is at Livestrong.  I recommend just getting a free account and use the calculator and food tracker.
  • Once this is calculated, then focus on the quality of food you consume and the timing of the food.  For example, I would not recommend fast food and potato chips for your calorie needs as they have little substance for maintaining a healthy body.  Focus more on eating lean proteins throughout the day coupled with complex carbohydrates and vegetables.  Eat six small meals per day or at least one meal every 3 hours.  Try to consume some protein with each meal and either a complex carbohydrate or a vegetable.  Learn how to pair these foods together and you can even accelerate your metabolism to burn more fat and calories.  This is a great new concept called Metabolic Cooking.
  • Finally couple your Fat Loss Tip with a proper exercise program and you will achieve fat loss and look great at a faster pace.  If you don’t know what exercises to perform, then find an exercise program that is designed for a MAN or a WOMAN and start your fat loss today.  These programs are easy to download and are cheaper than one session with a trainer at your local gym.  They give you all the information you need and the workouts to perform so it takes the guess work out of your program.

There you go, you have now been given the Best Fat Loss Tip That Works.  Follow this blueprint by finding the amount of calories you need, eat the right foods at the right time and start an exercise program that stops the guess work.  Once you start this you will be one step closer to fat loss and getting rid of the bad feelings that go with being overweight.  Lift your spirits, lose your weight and begin enjoying a more confident life today.

It only happens after you get started.

fat loss tip that works


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  1. John Casto on September 26, 2011 at 11:32 pm


    Don’t forget to mention the benefits of the glycemic index! I saw you broke down the use of complex carbs, but this has been one of the most beneficial concepts to teach my clients!

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