Interval Training Advantages

October 22, 2011

interval taining advantagesBy now you may have heard people talk about doing interval training.  What is interval training?  Have you done interval training before?  Should you start doing interval training?  What are the Interval Training Advantages?  These are some of the questions that I hear throughout the day.  Learn the concept of interval training and start losing lots of weight today.


What is Interval Training?  Interval training is a method of doing a cardiovascular workout that will burn more calories than conventional cardiovascular exercises, like running at a steady pace for 45 minutes.  The theory behind Interval Training is to perform your cardiovascular workout and vary the time, intensity and recovery period.  This will allow your body to burn more calories, increase the efficiency of your heart and improve your athletic ability.    An example of this would be to vary your treadmill or elliptical by going at slow pace for 90 seconds and then go as hard as you can for 30 seconds.  Check out the videos for an example.

What are the interval training advantages?

Increase in Aerobic Capacity.  Interval training has been shown to increase your VO2max and hence the efficiency of your heart’s ability to pump blood to the body.  An example of Interval Training that can help with this is to exercise hard for 1-2 minutes and then back off at a much slower pace for 3 minutes.  Then repeat the sequence till your too tired to do anymore.

Increase in Anaerobic Capacity.  This is your body’s ability to recover and make energy for the exercises.  Interval training will increase your body’s ability to regenerate energy through the recovery phase.  For example going very hard at the exercise for 1 minute then going very slow for 2 minutes and then repeating the sequence.  Over time  your body will utilize the 2 minute recovery phase to build back your energy stores more efficiently.

Increase fast twitch muscle activation.  Due to the intermittent burst of activity with interval training your body will learn to utilize fast twitch muscle fibers more efficiently.  Fast twitch fibers are the fibers that are utilized during bursts of activity like sprinting.  This will increase your overall athletic ability.

Erase The Boredom of Cardio.  If you are doing conventional cardio training then you know that it can be rather boring to watch TV and do the same paced exercise over and over.  By varying your workouts you can take the boredom out of the workout and get a better training effect overall.

You Don’t Need Machines.  That’s right.  You don’t need machines at all to do interval training.  You can go outside and vary the speed at which you do your exercise.  For example, walk for 60 seconds and then sprint for 20-30 seconds and repeat.  It is all in having a good fast action paced part to the exercise and then a recovery phase that is about twice as long.

BURN MORE CALORIES.  Yes you burn more calories than conventional cardio training and that is why we are doing cardio in the first place.  We want to burn calories so we can lose weight and this is the best way to burn the most calories in a given time period of exercise.

As you can see interval training advantages are vast and we only touched upon five of them.  Start your interval training session today and burn more calories, lose more weight and erase the boredom with conventional cardio.

To your workouts,

Dr. B


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