Obliques Exercises For Women

October 19, 2011

obliques exercises for women“Holy cow did you see the abs on that woman?”  Have you ever been to the pool and noticed women with some of the best abdominal muscles you have ever seen?  Have you ever wondered why THAT woman didn’t have love handles?  Well, let’s dive in to this topic so you can learn what obliques exercises for women work the best so you can get your abs.

I assume you have been in the gym on a number of different occassions and realized people doing hundreds of crunches without any benefit.  Then there are others who are rarely in the gym and they have a great looking six pack with great looking obliques.  Understanding how this can be accomplished will help you do it yourself.

If you haven’t read my previous article on the top ten tips for a six pack, then do yourself a favor and read it.  This will outline the easy tips that can be followed with great results.     First of all dieting and cardio is the key to losing the fat around your abs.  Let’s face it, if you have great abs and they are covered in fat, well then you don’t have great abs.  So learn the diet strategies necessary to get your abs and add these obliques exercises to your regimen to get outstanding abs.

Obliques exercises should focus on lifting the legs off of the floor instead of lifting your shoulders.  This will provide a better burn to the abdominal region and greater results.  To isolate the obliques the movement has to be done on a slight angle so you can isolate the muscles which are located on the side of your six pack.  Furthermore, exercises for obliques should also focus on isometric exercise like being in a push up position on one side and then the other while holding your body straight like a board for as long as you can.  Check out the demonstrations below.

Once you can master the Obliques Exercises For Women you will then be on your way to losing your love handles and showing off your abs.

To Your Healthy Weight Loss ASAP,

Dr. B

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