What Are Kettlebell Benefits?

October 26, 2011

kettlebell benefitsI saw some kettlebells on the internet the other day and realized that I have not read any new articles on kettlebell benefits.  Then, I realized that there aren’t many articles on this topic and it is a great workout to add when your current regimen gets a little boring.  Therefore, let me explain the kettlebell history, exercises and benefits.

The history of kettlebells?  Kettlebells were first used by the Russians for exercise and also for shows of strength.  The military used them for strength and endurance training and also they were used by villagers for exercising and even events where they could show off their strength.  In the early 2000′s kettlebells were accepted in the USA as a serious workout method.  Now, they are sold on the internet and in sporting good stores throughout the USA.



The exercises that can benefit me?

Kettlebell Pullthroughs.  This exercise works the lower body and back.  You grab two kettlebells, one in each hand and swing the kettlebells between your legs in a pendulum motion.  On the downswing you have to bend at the knees, which will work your legs and then on the upswing you have to become explosive and swing the kettlebells up to chest height.


Kettlebell Pushup.  This exercise is for the chest because you place the kettlebells on the ground and then grab them in a plank position and perform pushups.


Kettlebell Clean & Press.  This is a full body workout.  You grab one kettlebell and swing it in a pendulum motion between your legs and then swing the kettlebell up over your head.  Then repeat.


Ketllebell Twists.  This is an abdominal workout by grabbing your kettlebell in your hands while sitting on the floor.  Then twist from side to side while leaning back slightly.  This will work your Rectus Abdomnal muscle and your obliques.

Here is a nice video showing additional exercises you can perform with kettlebells from the TTKettlebell Revolution V2.o program.

The Benefits of Kettlebells are vast.  They provide a great overall body workout that combines strength training,  endurance training and fat burning.  You can burn more calories than the typical cardio regimen and it is not as boring.  The workouts are quick and easy to perform so they can be done by people with a very busy life and schedule.  Some say it is the best workout they have ever done.

I believe it to be a great workout, especially if you want to vary your workouts so they don’t get to boring.  You will focus on entire body development and fat burning at the same time.  The moves can be complicated but if you have the right guidance you can start losing a lot of weight quickly.  This could be the right thing to kick start your fat loss.

Have a great workout,

Dr. B

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