Supreme 90 Review

November 15, 2011

Tired of not losing weight despite all the workouts?  Would you like to do a home workout like P90x but don’t have the $140 for the program?  Stop looking because I found a program that gets results and is very similar to P90x but only costs $20 DOLLARS!!!!! That’s right $20.

I came across this new program called Supreme 90 and it looks like a promising program because it seems very similar to P90x but only costs $20 dollars.  I did the P90x program about 18 months ago and liked the program.  However, it did have some drawbacks which were typically the cost ($140.00) and I did not like doing yoga or Kenpo.  I achieved good results with the P90x program, but it was kind of involved as to do it correctly you need to give each workout a good 75 -90 minutes.  It was kind of hard to make that time commitment given a busy lifestyle with work, kids, family, etc…

I have continued to do some of the P90x workouts but have continued to look for an alternative that would not take as much of my time. I could get results with fat loss and muscle strengthening.  Easy to follow DVDs so I don’t have to try and put an entire workout together.  I like home based programs so I can do the program at any time throughout the day.  I did not want it to cost me too much money in case I did not like the program that much.  So I was very excited when I did the Supreme 90 Review because it is a program that has everything that I was looking for and it wouldn’t cost me too much money if I did not like the entire program.

So here my opinions…

Supreme 90 Review:  Good Parts of the program

Cheap.  The cost is only $20 bucks.  The cost of a pound of Starbucks Coffee!!

All inclusive Total Body workout.

Extreme Fat Torching Cardio

Specific Ab DVD to develop the six pack.

Each workout is 45 minutes or less.

Nutrition guidance provided by a certified nutritionist Tosca Reno.

Tracking of your workouts and goals.

Challenging workouts and no plateau effect.

You can do the entire program from the comfort of your home.

Scientific Research to show an 80% effectiveness on shredding fat and sculpting muscles with all participants involved.


Supreme 90 Review: The drawbacks of the program.

There could be a little more expansion on the nutrition aspect, as it is a very rigid regimen.  Your diet cannot be that strict or you will lose interest quickly.  However, to lose significant amount of weight you need to stick some principles and these are laid out quite nicely.  Just remember you can change your diet as long as you stick to lean protein and complex carbohydrates.  It will get you started in the right direction and the rest is up to you to make the right decisions.  You can check the blog out for more nutrition advice if needed.

The workouts are tough so it is good for your workouts but it can be difficult to master.  It may take you some time to get to the point where you can do the exercises like the people on the video, but as you improve you can master the workouts.

The packaging is cheap, but you can get a nice case to hold the DVD’s and it will still be cheaper than other programs.  However, the case should not distract you from the reason you are buying the program in the first place.  To lose weight.

I wish they had more information on the exercises in a written format.  I would like to have seen each DVD listed on a piece of paper with the equipment you need to accomplish the exercises and how many minutes it takes to perform each DVD .

Supreme 90 Review: Workouts

  • Chest & Back
  • Ultimate Ball
  • Tabata Inferno
  • Shoulders & Arms
  • Cardio Challenge
  • Legs
  • Total Body
  • Core Dynamics
  • Back & Bi’s
  • Chest, Shoulders & Tri’s
  • Supreme Rock Hard Abs (Bonus DVD)



I believe Supreme 90 program will be one of the best programs to ever hit the market.  It is unbelievably inexpensive at only $20 dollars and has more workouts and weight loss content then any other program on the market for the cost.  The workouts will never get old and because you don’t hit a plateau you will continue to adapt with each workout and lose more fat and gain more muscle.  The workouts are not time consuming so anybody can fit it into their day.  All of the workouts are fun and are not boring, like some of the P90x workouts.  I would definitely say give it a try and begin your body sculpting today.

To your Healthy Weight Loss,

Dr. B


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