This page is designed to give you a description of the vast resources I use to help with diet and weight loss efforts for myself and my recommendations to others.  Feel free to evaluate and decide for yourself which resources may benefit you and your endeavors.

Diet & Nutrition For Boosting Metabolism:

The Metabolic Cooking Program is designed by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier.  These two have combined together to make a fat loss cookbook that helps boost your metabolism.  I find the recipes taste great and are easy to prepare.  You don’t have to be a chef and can put the food together quickly.

Vitamins & Supplements

ProGrade Nutrition.  This is a great company that makes the highest quality supplements and vitamins on the market.  They are not the cheapest, but they are the best tasting and best quality supplements.  Very ethical company with high standards.

Fitness Program For Women

Visual Impact For Women is a great program that was designed by Rusty Moore.  He is out of Seattle, WA and has dedicated his work to helping men and women achieve their weight loss goals and get that Hollywood Look.  His women’s program is designed specifically for women and is not designed to just make women a smaller version of a muscular man.

Fitness Program For Men

Visual Impact For Men is another great program by Rusty Moore.  As noted above he has dedicated his work to helping men and women achieve their fitness goals.  The nice thing about this program is that it is designed to help guys get a fit physique and Hollywood Look.  It is not designed to turn men into muscle bound bodybuilders because not all men have that goal.

TT Kettlebell Revolution V. 2.0 is one of the best workout programs for people who want a different kind of workout.  It is used by mainstream prize fighters to get in great shape and build explosive muscle and lose fat.  It is one of the hottest workout programs on the market.

Fitness Program For Achieving Strength and Muscle Size

Lean Hybrid Muscle.  If your workout goals are to get big, strong muscles then this program is for you.  It was designed by Elliott Hulse and Mike Westerdal.  These guys have designed a great program to build strong big muscles.  Check out their program and see the results for yourself.  Both are accomplished authors on Ezine and have dedicated a lot of their resources educating about “puffy muscle syndrome”.

Blog Related Programs.

Host Gator.  This a great site to host your blog, check your domain and everything in between.  Their customer service has been great and you can do 24 hour chat with a technician even while working on your blog at 2AM.

1WayLinks.  This is a great product that will help anyone with a blog build links to their site and help with SEO traffic generation.  Check out the website and decide for yourself if this can help you with your blogging.  Great products and great prices.

WordPress.  The best blogging software on the market.  Far more advanced than Blogger.  Not much else to type.  Great themes, widgets and plugins available for any person who is serious about having a blog.





Disclosure: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. These are all things that I have evaluated and am recommending because they are helpful and are from companies that I trust, not because of the commissions that I may earn from you using these products. Please do not spend money unless you feel it’s for something you really need and will help you reach your goals.

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